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iNSTALLATION & testing

In Sydney, NSW,  all Backflow Prevention Devices must be Commisioned and Tested by a Sydney Water Accredited Backflow Plumber.

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What is the purpose of a Backflow Prevention Device?

A backflow prevention device is designed to keep the public drinking water free from contamination. Contamination can occur anywhere a public and private water system connect (i.e. city main and your house). Contamination is any substance that has the potential to be introduced into the water system that may cause harm to the public. This could be fertiliser, house hold cleaners or other agents.

When should i get my Backflow Prevention Device tested?

Because backflow can cause serious health problems and even death. Sydney Water require Backflow Prevention Devices to be installed at any point of a possible cross connection. Sydney Water also require ANNUAL testing  of these backflow preventers to ensure that they are functioning properly for the safety of the general public.


Plumba Gas & Drains has trained and accredited Backflow Prevention Device staff  to handle the ANNUAL testing of existing devices and the INSTALLATION and COMMISIONING of  new Backflow Prevention Devices.

When Plumba Gas & Drains tests your Backflow Prevention Device, we handle submitting the test report to Sydney Water on your behalf and a copy is sent to your home or office.

Once Plumba Gas & Drains has tested your Backflow Prevention Device, we will remind you annually that a test is required.

If your device needs repair or replacement we will notify you and provide you with a cost estimate prior to the work being performed

Water is the basic necessity of life and if contaminated can lead to severe consequences when it comes to your family's health. Backflow preventers stop wastewater from mixing with freshwater, keeping your water supply fresh and clean for you and your family's consumption.

A backflow prevention device is installed at the point of cross connection of water pipes. Backflow preventers also require annual testing to ensure that they are functioning correctly. Plumba Gas & Drains are a trained and experienced service provider for backflow prevention devices.

From installing the backflow preventers to the annual servicing these devices require, we do it all. We also provide the result of the test report to Sydney water with a copy sent to you. In a case where your backflow prevention device needs a replacement or repair, we will bring that to your attention immediately and provide you with an estimate.

Our services are a class apart and we guarantee your satisfaction with our work. In circumstances where you find yourself less than 100% satisfied, we will return to the site and rectify any outstanding issues. We also are known for our punctuality; for any kind of services, testing or installing backflow prevention device, we guarantee to be on time.

Call us today to get your back flow prevention device installed or tested. Keep your family safe from contaminated water and ensure their health and wellbeing.

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