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Rinnai - Infinity

Continuous Flow Hot water Heaters

Plumba Gas & Drains is an authorised installer of Rinnai Infinity hot water heaters.

We will inform you of the Rinnai water heater that best suits your needs, in relation to safety, convenience, available space, enviromental needs or ongoing running costs, Rinnai will have a system that suits.


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What is the Rinnai INFINITY ?

The Rinnai INFINITY is a continuous flow hot water unit - meaning that it only heats the water when you need it. As a tap is turned on, the unit senses the flow and begins to heat the water instataneously. Highly efficient and compact, these units can also be temperature controlled for added safety and convenience. In addition they are literally 'continuous flow' and will never run out of hot water - even if you are last in the shower


Star Rating

The Rinnai INFINITY Continuous Flow range is highly efficient, all models exceed 5 stars with the most efficient Infinity Enviro 26 model having an equivalent of 7 stars!



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